A Kitchen Project for a Friend

This shows the south side of the kitchen, with the beech worktops and breakfast bar. The kitchen was brought into use immediately the appliances were fitted, although the flooring and tiling are still to be chosen. The breakfast bar is two worktops joined along their lengths, then cut to size. I'm very pleased how this part of the job went.
Here's the north side, showing the other worktops, the inset hob (connection sub-contracted) and part of the oven/microwave/storage unit. Alongside this (out of shot) is a matching fridge/freezer/storage unit.
This shows the upper cabinets (apart from an open angled shelf unit to the far left). The cupboard above the door conceals the consumer unit and was fitted by the client.
An example (not very sharply focused, sorry!) of the joining method employed. The beech worktops have a <2mm chamfer all round, so I removed 2mm from the joining end and from the joint face. This gave a perfect butt, which was secured with butterfly bolts in the usual way. So far, the client has given the tops three coats of sealer.
This shows the breakfast bar top - two worktops joined longitudinally and secured with butterfly bolts. The joint is invisible as it runs along the staves.

I re-made the chamfer once cut to size, then eased the corners to reduce the effect of impact with hip or head. The other two external corners either side of the external entry door were rounded to match.

This shows one of two custom-made in-fill panels. This one spans the gap between the built-in dishwasher (horizontal handle on right of pic) and the rear of the breakfast bar which houses power and stopcocks.
This is the other in-fill panel, necessary because of a rising gas supply to the boiler stepping the base unit off from the west wall.
The final in-fill panel was between the left-hand side of the horizontal cupboard and the wall unit cover panel. The cupboard couldn't be fitted centrally due to the position of the consumer unit, but as previously stated, this was a part I didn't do. I believed that there was a better solution, but chose to let it go. There is a join in the cornice above the 300mm cupboard to the right of the door, but that's disappeared too.

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