This unit was custom made for a friend to tidy up all kinds of equipment that had accumulated over about 15 years. The requirement was for total concealment, storage and accessibility. The sides, shelves and central divider are 20mm (¾") sapele veneered MDF, all raw edges wrapped with biscuit-joined sapele. The doors are 20mm sapele rails and stiles with a 6mm (¼") central groove, carrying 6mm floating sapele veneered MDF.

The rails that contain the solid brass pull ring handles were machined to inset the handles before assembling the doors - easier than trying to put the whole assembly in the drill press.

The two central pairs of doors appear to be individual units, but operate as single horizontal flaps, achieved by including a common central stile with a 6mm kerf cut to give the appearance of separate units. The "lift and slide away" function is achieved by using two pairs of Accuride hinges, the type you'll find on TV cabinets in hotels, but used horizontally instead of vertically. The bottom doors work separately, for ease of use when sitting down. They conceal a separate veneered MDF/sapele-wrapped storage unit for 12" vinyl and laser disks.

All wiring enters from behind into the equipment shelf. The back is 6mm sapele veneered MDF, so the whole unit was a trifle heavy! It's held to the wall with four 100mm cotter bolts (Fischer fixings). All other hinges from Hafele.

My friend actually wanted the contrast of the "back side" of the panels, although I would probably have fitted the door panels the other way round. The top cornice is a one-piece unit which slides on after installation. Top cupboard shelving fully adjustable on ¼" holes, 1" centers. Finished with two coats of wiped-on Tung oil, then water-based sheen poly.

Here, a picture of the unit with doors open. You can see the "slide-away" flaps. The separate storage in the lowest part was essential, due to the "up and over" nature of the hinges.

EVERYTHING was cut on my (bought used) BT3000 - housing joints, rail and stile grooving, tenons, the whole shooting match apart from the mortices. The unit is 6 feet 2 inches tall without the cornice, proving that you can make quite large projects with a comparatively little saw - as long as it's a BT3000!