The New Kitchen

Here's the view on entering from the hallway.

The East (Bathroom) wall, showing the fridge-freezer and upper cabinets, new microwave and kitchen towel dispenser too.
The West (sideway) wall, showing the matching LED lights, new cooker and ceramic hob.
The lower part of the East wall, with new pedal bin.
Behind the doors are the dishwasher and washing machine.
Here's the inside of the fridge-freezer.
One of the two cantilever (upward folding) cupboards - very impressive soft-closing mechanism!
The other cantilever cupboard.
The corner cupboard, showing the flip-down TV/DVD/CD player/radio.
Storage cupboards with additional shelving.
The pull-out extractor which vents outside.
One of the two "Le Mans" cupboards, either side of the cooker.
Here is one of the two layers, pulled out for access - brilliant!
The ceramic hob, operated by touch controls. No knobs, so easier to clean.
The sink - exactly the colour required. The remote control for the waste disposal can just be seen to the left of the tip of the tap.
The central lighting units are LEDs - virtually no heat.
Overview from the back door.

Ray Girling 1998 - 2019