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Hi, I'm married, with one daughter, Julia. My wife, Jean, is a skilled hairdresser, dressmaker, quilter and artist. My interests include computing, trout fishing, sailing, D.I.Y. and photography.

I've written a Web Page Tutorial to help you if you want to construct your own basic page, containing some useful links to resources, graphics, FTP programmes, Web editors and so on. Just click here to jump to the Tutorial. I hope that you find it useful - I wrote it to simplify making this sort of page!

A major hobby is computing of all types, which I've been doing since late 1989. I started with an "IBM compatible" 386SX PC, with a "huge" 47Mb hard drive that I thought then would last me my lifetime! My current machine is an iMac 27" Intel 5K Retina Screen with a 3TB Fusion Drive, plus 2 Blu-Ray burners, a quick colour flatbed scanner that also scans photographic negatives, fibre broadband for e-mail and Internet use, 17 USB3 ports, two colour printers - a Xerox C600dn Colour Laser and an Epson E7700 for photographic work (also prints CD/DVDs).

When I started in 1989, having put the various hardware bits together and switched on, I didn't know what to do with the black screen, displaying only "C:\>" because, in those days, bundled, or pre-loaded software just didn't exist. Within six months I'd written a menu-driven database (using dBase 3+) which was used for my work. How software has advanced since is absolutely incredible.

There's not much I haven't tried to do with a computer and software, including editing video digitally, in real time, but it's still lots of fun as well as still being a challenge occasionally. Passing on what I've learned is good too. Jean now has her own Mac 12" Retina laptop computer, networked to mine through a Fibre Broadband NAT Router. Jean just loves the broadband access to the Internet and makes much use of it. An Epson XP-720  and an iPhone 8 64GB completes her setup. For mobile use, I have a MacBook Pro 15" Retina and an iPhone X 256GB.

A major interest over the years is photography. I take digital stills with a 20 megapixel Sony RX10 Mk4 shooting RAW images, post-processed through Affinity Photo on the iMac. It also shoots 4K video and either 10, 20 or 40x slow motion (although at the slowest rate, the quality is (only!) HD 1080. Post production for videos is on the iMac with Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor.

One of my most regular pleasures is driving, in spite of the ever-increasing congestion we have to suffer, particularly in the South-East of England, M.25 Motorway, etc. I used to drive a Mitsubishi Galant GTi Four-Wheel-Drive Four-Wheel-Steer hatchback, which was extremely difficult to unstick! I had the car for six years and - apart from a better sound system - no extras were necessary. This was followed by a Skoda Octavia Elegance, then a Skoda Superb II Elegance, but I now drive a Lexus NX300h with all the toys and Jean has a Skoda Fabia SE with aircon, electric windows, heated seats, etc.

Whilst I used to do a lot of coarse fishing, I have now given up carrying around a trunk-full of gear in favour of fishing only for trout. Not only is the equipment minimal, but you get to eat the catch, which seems better than putting a stressed and exhausted fish back into the water, only for it to have to undergo the whole process again.

A recent project has been having the driveway replaced - more details here

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